How do I keep my yard from being infested with fleas, ticks or mosquitoes?

A parasite invasion can come from a few different sources. Stray animals, whether they be pet or wildlife, can carry unwanted pests into your yard. Or, in the case of the mosquito, these invaders may just be simply be within flight range of your domain. Because you want your yard to be a place where you can enjoy the outdoors, since we also know that these parasite don’t always stay outside… managing your environment is paramount. These are some ways to help:

  • Maintain your space
    • No standing water
    • Clean up debris and yard waste
  • Mow your lawn
    • Prune all bushes and shrubs
    • Clean up grass clippings
  • Minimize strays
    • Keep garbage cans secure
    • Make sure all fences are repaired
  • Mark your territory
    • Treat your yard with a product labeled for fleas, ticks and mosquitoes
    • Spray along the edges and around foliage
  • Mind your solution
    • Consult with your veterinarian to determine what’s best for your pet
    • Set reminders to make sure you pets are protected

I’ve found a flea on my pet.  I think my house has fleas… what do I do now?

There are several stages to the flea life cycle, and the length of time it takes from a flea to develop from egg to adult can vary based on temperature, humidity and host availability.  Due to this, it may take anywhere from 2 weeks to a year for hardly visible eggs to become pesky adults.  And with the adult female flea laying 20-30 eggs each day, eliminating fleas from your home will be an extended and tedious process.  But you can have success with diligence and following

  • Start with fogging

    • Flea eggs can hide anywhere. Fogging your home gets to every crack and crevice where a flea egg could be waiting. With the right fogging agent, not only will it kill adult fleas, but it can keep eggs from developing.
  • Treat your home

    • Follow-up your fogging with periodic coverage with pump and/or aerosol sprays in corners, baseboards, under cabinets, etc. Spraying with products labeled for fleas will decrease the burden of pests in your home. Make sure to lightly mist upholstery, carpet and furniture as well to cover all your bases.
  • Use flea products as directed by your veterinarian

    • Once your home is treated, your pets need to be on parasite prevention in order to eliminate them as hosts. Adult fleas need blood for survival. Utilizing veterinary recommended products will prevent fleas from feeding on your loved ones and break the cycle.
  • Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum

    • Carpets, floors, and area rugs need a thorough once-over, twice-over and thrice-over. Throw away vacuum bags in the outside trash away from your home and away from areas that could cause reinfestation.
  • Wash sheets and bedding

    • Soap and hot water can help cure what is ailing your home. Anywhere your pets may be laying around or sleeping should be washed to help fight back against these home invaders.

How do I apply the Vet-Kem® Flea and Tick Spot-On®?

Although the formulation offers innovative advantages, the applicator’s design is ergonomically contoured for easy handling and clean, accurate dosing. The action of closing the applicator door automatically opens the tube. With the tube sealed inside, the liquid can be applied to your pet. If the applicator is laid down on a table, counter or other flat surface it will not run out or drip. The applicator tip is used to part the hair and get closer to the skin. It is important for the product to be applied directly to the skin for proper translocation and optimal protection against parasites.


Use finger to lift open applicator door.


Place tube WHITE SIDE UP under the tab.


Close applicator door and tube will snap open.


Your pet should be standing for easy application.  To apply, use the tip to part hair to get application of liquid next to skin.

Press the applicator door once at each of the 3-5 evenly place spots between the shoulder and base of the pet’s tail.


Open applicator door and drop empty tube into trash.  Close applicator device door and store until next application